But they also need to connect with good quality & loaded jig heads to hold them down in the water. The research found that these two colors are better to hit a striped bass visual range. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Choosing the Perfect Boat. Not only that, but hooks are also sturdy enough to handle aggressive fishes like striped bass. You can catch a mackerel and immediately rig it to another rod and start fishing for striped bass. Ans: Your lure will go deep under the water if you go slow with it. As striped bass have silvery bodies, it is practical to catch the fish early morning or late by twilight when the daylight is low. Bunker spoons are one of the four best striped bass trolling lures. It is a fully decorated fishing kit with five arms, which includes five swimbaits & jig heads. Top Choices: There’s so many deep diving hardbait lures available in today’s market leaving anglers confused. Its triple revolving hooks interrupt fishes from spitting it out. This umbrella lure features eight blades in the shape of leaves. The next lure we recommend you add to your tackle collection is the Cotton... 3. Some of the best striped bass lures are made of soft plastic. FishingLBI.com © 1997-2020. These lures have the strength to stick big fishes with single hooks tightly. The Daiwa BG! Be sure to follow! The lure has a built in swimming action but also has the weight and control to fish a variety of depths. We will address some of the best trolling lures as ranked by user feedback and ratings. Available in many different sizes/weights, a Mojo Lure can be used in just about any trolling situation. Get a 50-pound line and 60-pound fluorocarbon leader. We hope you find it informative and considered as a proper buying guide. Where, When and Who Their action is something big bass can’t pass up! Best Lures for Striped Bass Gibbs Danny Surface Swimmer. Umbrella Rigs Imitate: Sand Eel, Baby Bunker, Eels, Mullet, Tinker Mackerel, Smelt, Sardines, Worms. In this video, we show you our Top 5 Favorite Striper lures that we use specifically to target Stripers at dams. Here we mainly focus our readers comfort and passion. Suggested Tackle: 30-50# monofilament is doable. Now what? 3. Home to one of the greatest Umbrella Rigs on the market, M&M Lures specializes in trolling lures such as: Umbrella Rigs, Dredges, and Spreader Bars. Lures do not need speed while you are trolling them with drift standing over the ground. Striped bass are caught with large lures, spoons, spinners and streamer flies but the most effective baits are live bait. Let us go through the features & reviews of the five best trolling lures for striped bass that we are willing to recommend for the best catch. Boats. You just need to use shorter baits at night for the best results. It will cost you around 10 – 14 dollars to buy without shipping costs. More Game Fish. Haddon fishing lure usually contains two sharp hooks, necessary for trolling giant stripers or any other predators. First think about how big of a bait do you want to present and how deep do you want to target? ... Cotton Cordell Pencil Popper Fishing Lure. Top Choice: Magictail Mojos. Plugs can be fished in different depths depending on model. Here we present you a collection of best trolling lures for striped bass that match the features you need for tempting striped bass to entrap. This fishing bait is very difficult for fishes to ignore thanks to its amazing action … Since stripers are aggressive in nature, lures should be stronger than the regular ones to hold them tight. These days, reviewing all kinds of outdoor products as well as giving necessary information about all outdoor activities. It’s designed well, durable, and has deep attention to detail throughout the entire lure. Best Freshwater Striper Fishing Lures 1. Mackerel are extremely oily and also have a good amount of fishy smell to them. In this article, we are going to break down exactly what lures a beginner needs to be an effective bass fisherman without breaking the bank. Theyre are in Virginia and Maryland in the winter time and migrate North of New Jersey in the Summertime. It mainly depends on what type of boat you are onboard, whether it featured a diesel or gas engine. Top Choices: Reel Innovation Bunker Spoons, Tony Maja Bunker Spoons, Reliable Bunker Spoons, Spoonfed Bunker Spoons. Gibbs Danny Surface Swimmer The Gibbs Danny Surface Swimmer has a wobble that makes stripers want to pounce.Jon WhittleBUY NOW.