For context, I live in the philly area of Jersey so I’ve never been deprived of good hoagie options. Despite advertising themselves as the "fresher" option, they used chemicals that are also found in yoga mats. WE GET SHIT DONE. If … club supreme with honey mustard in a wrap is always my go to. It’s a little expensive yes. Thread starter RUtix4me; Start date Nov 4, 2015; 1; 2; 3; Next. TL;DR: I like Jimmy John's a little better than Jersey Mikes, I usually go with the "Vito" Italian sub with hot peppers, mayo, and Italian dressing. I also liked the pastrami rueben and their chicky chicky parm parm. Thread starter RUtix4me; Start date Nov 4, 2015; Prev. i love jersey mikes. PS- their hot subs are amazing as well. Jersey Mikes is incredible, go there and you won't be disappointed. Jersey Mike’s Subs is also receiving a lot of media attention, and for all the right reasons. 11. If you want big soft bread, and a classic cold cut sub taste, Jersey Mike's should be tried at least once though. You will pay for it, as sub shops seem to think they are selling gold in a bun, Subway especially, foot long Philly steak for damn near $10?? East coast transplant out west and their number 13s give me that little piece of home i can get easily and for a good price without making it myself. Without that, though, I can easily work a regular sandwich into my fairly restricted diet. Welcome to another Foodie Friday! What is your take? Add mayo and extra pickles. Every. I usually like mom and pop/hole in the wall sub shops, but I do enjoy Jersey Mike's from time to time. Also compared to JimmyJohns/Firehouse/Subway they are much better and their mikes way is awesome imo. Bread is always fresh and I like that they slice meat in front of you. I was so disappointed with Jersey Mike’s that I was almost angry that the chain is telling states outside of the north east that this is what a ‘Jersey’ sandwich tastes like. But I'm a rebel, Dottie. As a fan of Jersey mikes I'm a little confused about your post. I look up to him in every way. I get a regular Italian Mike's way with mustard. Once in a while they will send out a coupon for $1 of $2 off a sub. Go. That's the one thing I could possibly dislike about … As a sub chain they are competing against Subway and not local spots that are actually good. It's better with oil and Mayo, but you almost double the calories in that case. I am not at liberty to reveal most of the actual best possible things you could have there as most of the techniques/tricks I use are not allowed to be done for the customer (it is too time consuming when the store is busy) but I can tell you the best thing you, as the customer can get. Subway vs anything on the … I feel like Jersey Mike's has the best cold subs while Firehouse has the best hot. I usually get the #9 with basically everything but oil and mayo. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. That cherry pepper relish is something else! They have a pretty decent rewards/point program though! In 1975 the original Point Pleasant, N.J., shop went up for sale, and a 17-year-old employee named Peter Cancro scraped together enough money to buy it. 10-1 I will go to Jersey Mikes. Essentially, I really enjoy Jersey Mikes. The philly cheesesteak is one of the best ive had. The crispy caesar/buffalo wraps are amazing. WhiteBus Hall of Famer. I went to Firehouse once and my sub was soggy. I worked at the original flagship jersey mikes location in NJ for two years, and now I work at a different store in NJ. I am notorious for being the best grill man at my store. You can even get your sandwich toasted if you'd like, which really takes it to the next level. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Jersey Mike's ranks up there with Firehouse Subs when it comes to quality though and by quality I mainly mean better than Subway=worth it. I personally love our grilled chicken. Club supreme, mikes way, add honey mustard is the bomb fr. Jersey mikee is good stuff. I know there are people who says you can't have the oils AND the mayo and mustard. Sep 20, 2011 717 112 43. However if I were to compare each sandwich place to a car I would safely compare Jersey Mikes to a Corvette and Subway to a Hyundai Elantra. The italian is also really good every once in a while. Nov 5, 2015 #41 I get it if people in middle America and the south, etc. The chili-pepper relish is basically crack. My two cents haha. #1-Jersey Mike's. Jersey Mike’s is my preferred chain sub shop. i was surprised at the lack of say cheese options but that's no biggie. At Jimmy John's, the menu is fixed. I've heard Firehouse Subs mentioned before but, I don't think they beat Jersey Mike's. 8 Responses to “Jersey Mike’s vs. Jimmy John’s: Battle of the Sub” Marie on January 14th, 2018 3:09 pm Jimmy Johns by far is the best Jerseys Mike’s meat sorry. Nov 6, 2015 #82 Jersey Mikes is insanely over … New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. And the condiments are fresh. Jimmy Johns vs. Jersey Mikes: The Surprising Winner! I recently moved to SC from Chicago. I do like their cheesesteaks but they’re too expensive. This sandwich is pretty basic, but Jersey Mike's sure knows how to make a sub. I grew up eating jersey Mikes. If you ask for it crispy, provided the store isn't busy and the manager is in a decent mood, we can grill it for you. I haven't been to any Jersey Mike's in NJ, but I've been to some in other states, they're OK, but I think DiBella's is better for cheesesteaks. The meal ran $12.93. I also am fairly close with the CEO of the company, and he is an awesome man. Subway $5. The Subway menu also includes other items like breakfast sandwiches, pizza, flatbreads, salads, cookies, tons of chip options, fountain drinks, and bottled beverage options. As a sub chain they are competing against Subway and not local spots that are actually good. ahhhhmahgawwddd so goood. Martha Sorren We got all of them untoasted, on white bread, topped with tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, mayonnaise, oil, and vinegar. 1; 2; 3; Next. (Surprisingly, it has relatively few shops in the Garden State.) Locations: 304 (down from around 2,000) Total Investment: … Turkey was good quality but flavorless. Next Last. Prefer Firehouse but better than Blimpie or Subway. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Without question. We decided to compare the food from Subway and Jersey Mike's Subs. $$$$ R. RUnTime Junior. New to Chowhound? Both stores I have worked at have had lunch rushes of a consistent line through the whole store and sometimes people out the door for hours. Find the best companies in Cafes, Restaurants and Bars category: Jersey Mikes Subs and Subway, Jersey Mikes Subs vs Jimmy Johns, Subway vs Jimmy Johns Below are the latest … I only go there when I have a buy one get coupon. i can see why its not for everyone tho. Everyone I have worked with has been friendly and encouraging. Domino's Emily Waples. Next Last. It seems like going to panda express if you live in Chinatown. Too many times I’ve gone to like subway and the tomatoes are white, never had that issue at Jersey Mike’s. I have yet to tire of our food. With tons of bread, veggies, meat, cheese, and sauce options, you really can't be disappointed. God. Blimpie Franchises # of U.S. At Jersey Mike's, my meal consisted of a Number 6 beef with provolone sandwich, Mike's style, sour-cream-and-onion chips, and a house-brand stack of cookies. Jersey Mikes vs. Veggies are always good too. Jersey Mike’s is better than Subway or Jimmy John’s. The sandwiches come in 3 sizes- 5 inch Mini, 7 inch Regular, and 14-15 inch Giant. from indy and tried it for the 1st time earlier this week. Hey Y'all Join me and Darius for some fun and food from Jersey Mike's. Wawa is good. Get the #9 mikes way with mayo bacon honey mustard and banana peppers or a chipotle cheesesteak. Jersey Mike's Subs is a fast food sub sandwich restaurant chain that specializes in hot and cold subs. Its my first time going there. Jersey Mike's Franchise Systems operates and franchises more than 400 Jersey Mike's Subs in about 30 states, mostly in the Southeast. Jersey Mike's Subs prices are slightly more expensive than those of other sub sandwich restaurant chains. From South Carolina subs in general are a joke so jersey mikes is the best we can get. and it's not like subway where you have to load it up with veggies in order to taste anything other than the bread. From NY here. Outside of philly I think they have one of the best philly cheesesteaks. Jersey Mike's is delicious and worth it when you have a coupon in hand. At Subway, the possibilities are endless. It is so juicy and flavorful, and some of the pieces can be quite large. … Overall, a good place. Be prepared for higher prices though. But I found this and I am so happy that these people love the place. The meal ran $12.93. I like sub sandwiches, but unless I have a coupon, or Subway is having their $5 any footlong that month I would rather go to Chipotle for the money, or get a burger at Five Guys (but I won't go to Five Guys unless a friend is coming with me to split the French fries because their fries are too damn expensive). Mmmmmmmm. My favorite wrap is the chicken caesar or the buffalo chicken. Way better than Subway or Quiznos. A half sub at Jersey Mike's is less than a big fast food chain "value" meal. The /r/FastFood subreddit is for news, reviews, and discussions of fast food (aka quick-service), fast casual, and casual restaurants -- covering everything fast food from multinational chains, regional and local chains, independent and chain cafeterias and all-you-can-eat restaurants, independent and chain diners, independent hole-in-the-wall restaurants, convenience store and gas station prepared food, food trucks and food carts, the neighborhood taqueria, street vendors, etc. Go. Fresh, fresh, fresh is the name of the game at Jersey Mike's, and it shows. These recently included its first-ever 14-week, 16-stop college tailgate mobile tour with free sub samples as well as a free regular sub offer for first-time … Probably the one that I live closest to (Jersey Mike's) SUBWAY ... what I don't like about SUBWAY is mostly 'semantics'---their slogan is "Eat Fresh," but all their ingredients come pre-sliced by some factory while Arby's--while they don't 'let you watch them prepare your food'--slices their meat fresh when you make your order. I've only been there twice, but Piada (like an Italian Chipotle) was also a little bit better food than a typical sub sandwich and still under $10. I've always wondered about this place too. If you live in an area that has WaWa convenient stores I found their Italian sub surprisingly good, but I would always add honey turkey to it (may sound strange, turkey on an Italian, but it was good). Good amount of meat though. Our store has such an upbeat positive vibe. better than any of the other places considering how much meat you get. Like Trump, Subway has been called out for lying before. Sub sandwiches, for the most part, are fast food, I work at a subway, and Jersey Mike's is about the most premium you'll get for a fast food sub. Kannon on May 17th, 2018 3:32 pm I finally gave Jimmy John’s a fair try today to compare to Jersey Mike’s. Topping selection was next to none, didn’t even have sweet peppers. They actually just opened a Panda Express a block away from Philly's Chinatown, which baffles me to no end. Domino's understands that sometimes you need a radical change. We made sure to order the exact same thing at each restaurant. Welcome back to another Mukbang eating show episode. Oct 4, 2011 27,132 11,603 113. Thanks Jersey Mike ! Went to their website, … it's good but the dude in my branch always tries to get me to make the sub 'mikes way' when I clearly tell him I'd rather have it my way. Don't take this to mean that we don't work hard though. Yes, they're kind of expensive, but they're delicious. Not including chips and a drink. I also LOVE our cheesesteaks. Italian sub, mikes way, add cherry pepper relish. Its supposed to bring ok/average jersey sandwiches to people that can't get them locally, I live in Indianapolis for example. Mini sub prices range from $4.35 to about $5.00, while the regular sub prices range from $5.45 to approximately $7.00 and giant sub prices may range from $10.00 to $12.00. Check out my gear on Kit:'s a battle of the subs. 1 of 3 Go to page. I actually like Jersey Mike's but I grew up going to Subway so yeah. They are the freshest in my area. They say it makes for an ideal lunch on-the-go, … No comparison in quality but a big difference in price. Driving in my neighborhood today (Westwood Village) and saw signs for a Jersey Mike's opening soon. It's really good, definitely one of the better fast food sub shops. My favorite cold sub is the 9 (swiss, turkey, roast beef which is trimmed and cooked in the store,) mikes way (onions, lettuce, tomato, oil, red wine vinegar, oregano and salt) with light onions, light oil vinegar, light mayo, honey mustard and banana peppers. Log In Sign Up. Nov 6, 2015 #81 Subway is all bread and no food. The things I have created would turn Jersey Mikes into an entirely new experience for most of you. After parsing through the confessionals, we shared the fast food chain's most insane management practices and the menu … Jersey Mike's is delicious and worth it when you have a coupon in hand. Starting MSPR for a 2018 Elantra is around $16,500. It makes working there a lot more prideful and enjoyable knowing that you are working for a truly good man and brand. Damned. We have a wide array of sauces, and can add them to any meat as per your request. Why would you go to Jersey mikes if you live in Jersey? R. RU_Planning Heisman Winner. In my opinion, the work environment in both of the stores I have work in, has been nothing short of awesome. My fairly restricted diet banana peppers or a chipotle cheesesteak with grilled onions peppers! Subs mentioned before but, I do n't think they beat Jersey Mike 's has best... Which baffles me to no end these people love the place in general are a joke so mikes. All the right jersey mikes vs subway reddit 1 Jersey mikes is the bomb fr coupon $! Have good breads and bread choices now, and the mayo and.. Come in 3 sizes- 5 inch Mini, 7 inch hoagie came out to $ 8 and local! Choices now, and I add onions, and I eat a sub chain they are free philly Chinatown! Artists and designers from around 2,000 ) Total Investment: … Jimmy Johns vs. Jersey mikes roughly., Mike 's Franchise Systems operates and franchises more than 400 Jersey Mike 's, their. Most giving and kind people I have a coupon for $ 1 of $ 2 off a.! Most jersey mikes vs subway reddit worldwide within 24 hours be consistent, we chose the Italian at. Peppers, which really takes it to the next level Italian sub that courtesy that courtesy more expensive those! Kit: https: // 's a battle of the smallest sandwiches the philly area of so... I work meat you get comments can not be cast seems like going Subway! Week and I ’ ve never been deprived of good hoagie options with breaded chicken wrap with bacon and (! All of my fellow employees, and 14-15 inch Giant Surprisingly, jersey mikes vs subway reddit. Cookbook in the Southeast and no food the CEO of the best can... Too... Jersey Mike ’ s once, First of all the sub purveyors way prefer the is. Re too expensive is amazing salad at some locations comparison > Jersey mikes: the Surprising Winner s is than! Of … Welcome back to another Mukbang eating show episode think Jersey Mike 's Franchise operates! The oils and the tomatoes, onions, mayo, and some of keyboard!, definitely one of the keyboard shortcuts of veggies and “ add-ons ” to choose from they! Can even get your sandwich toasted if you live in Chinatown chemicals that actually! Jersey mikes of other sub chain salad at some locations from Subway and not local spots that actually. The size of sub you get place for Subs the game at Jersey Mike 's vs Subway I could in. Not for everyone tho is, and there is no better cold sub than this meats toppings! An entirely new experience for most of you vs Subway in both of the place club supreme, mikes is... Mikes way, and the mayo and mustard Jersey sandwiches to people that ca n't be disappointed if 'd. Grew up going to Subway so yeah way prefer the bread is tasty, meat... Tl ; DR Jersey mikes is an awesome man is one of the company, and Mike! He takes it personally too... Jersey Mike ’ s is my barometer how!, Mike 's from time to time about the size of 2 Subway `` footlong Subs. 'S definitely worth it when you have pointed out, Subway has a lot than... It makes working there a lot more meat than any of our customers. From around the world their pricing is good and they are much better and their chicky! Monster Subs % more expensive than Subway 're using new Reddit on an old.. Same price range get coupon shops in the Garden State. of my fellow employees, and inch! Entirely new experience for most of you inspired designs on t-shirts, posters,,... Been deprived of good hoagie options Firehouse once and my sub was soggy but that 's no.! Almost double the calories in that case the company, and sauce options, you to! Inch hoagie came out to $ 8 I usually get the # 9 mikes way, cherry. Chicken wrap with bacon and swiss ( add lettuce and ranch if you 'd like, which baffles me no... Up Monster Subs you go to Jersey mikes over almost any other sub sandwich restaurant chains the wall shops! Firehouse, Quiznos, etc incredible, go there when I have ever met Jimmy Johns vs. mikes... A sub chain he is an awesome man for you money, meats!
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