Use a random-orbit sander to remove the texture and return the wall to a smooth finish. The big take away for creating great faux wood. Ready to makeover that dated wood paneling? Mix Paint Colors. Faux painting can be a tricky business. Aug 8, 2015 - Home Depot Faux Painting Color Combinations and Ideas using Behr Paint. If the door has raised panels, apply the paint in the direction you prefer for the faux wood grain -- this way any visible brush strokes add to the grain effect. A must-watch for your FAUX GLAZE painting project success! If you’re starting with bare or painted drywall, use a paint roller to apply a latex primer to the wall. Dab the glaze mixture only on the spots that … When you’re satisfied with your faux wood grain, move on to the main project surface. Using a sharp utility blade, score a small square on a section of painted drywall that’s not too terribly conspicuous. Looking to match colors from the discontinued Bellagio Faux paint. Fads go. I mixed coal, espresso, and sand dune together to get a dark color similar to the dark areas of my real birch log. For lighter woods like walnut or maple, select a shade of gold or orange. For example, if you want the surface to bear resemblance to mahogany, opt for coral or dark red. You’ll get that manufacturer’s closest colors. Excellent adhesion to all surfaces without sanding. Use the glaze-application brush to apply a generous amount of the first earth-tone glaze, Indian brown, in random patches on the first drawer. The customer was quite thrilled because I initially told him that it would be nearly impossible to get the areas to match the original faux finish since I wasn't the artist who painted them. Use a paper towel to wipe the glaze from the rocker and comb. Because the raised areas on birch bark are dark in color, the texture paste needs to be painted a dark color. Continue this process until the faux wood grain covers the entire project surface. You’ll need a chip that’s at least one-inch square for the best results. By Michelle Ullman and Bob Vila. Use a dry cloth to wipe away the sanding dust when finished. You agree that may process your data in the manner described by our Privacy Policy. Techniques and Colors by The Woole Apply a paint/glaze mixture (1 cup, satin finish paint to 2 cups glaze) over the base coat and let it dry for a bit. Disclosure: participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for publishers to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Unfortunately, solid wood pieces—side tables, bedroom dressers, and chair—cost a pretty penny. To create a faux bois finish, you have to paint the surface first and then use a wood grainer to mark a wood pattern into the paint. They’ll be able to match the color very closely with their in-store spectrophotometer. Opt for latex paint that is a similar to, but a few shades darker than, the base coat. You’ll also … With two shades of latex paint and a simple acrylic glaze, you can apply paint that looks like wood to all of your favorite home accents. Faux Painting 101: Tips, Tricks, and Inspiring Ideas for Faux Finishes. Next, completely paint your piece with copper metallic spray paint. Position a wood grain rocker—a hand tool that creates a wood grain texture on painted surfaces (view example on Amazon)—at a top edge of the project’s surface. The idea of “faux” in front of anything means that it’s a fake, a copy, a tacky-ish version of the real thing. The Easiest Way to Paint Furniture to Look Like Stain: Faux Stain Over Latex Now on to my favorite technique to achieve a beautiful stain finish. Each works a little differently, but the gist is the same: Download to your smartphone, snap a photo of the painted surface you want to match (in natural light, for best results), upload it to the app, and voila! Later on, when you apply the glaze, you’ll want the base coat to still be visible through it. Fads come. To do this effectively, you'll need to make a prop by cutting two small squares side-by-side from a sheet of white paper. If your walls are textured, you can sand the surface to remove it. Thankfully, an innovative painting technique called “faux bois” (French for “false wood”) can offer the perfect compromise for do-it-yourselfers who budget for laminate furniture but dream of wood grain look. Hold your prop against the wall and slip the paint chip behind one of the square cutouts. Once only within the budgets and skillsets of scientists, handheld color analyzers—one popular model is the Color Muse, which sells for around $60 on Amazon—are now usable by anyone and within the budget of most do-it-yourselfers. High performance, low-odor coating is great for bathrooms, basements … Use a synthetic bristle brush or paint roller to cover the entire project surface in paint. To prepare the workspace for painting, cover all surrounding areas with painter’s tape.
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