… This game, known to those of us of the U.S. as The 7th Saga, is at the same time both your typical RPG, and not.It is typical in the fact that you, of course, end up fighting over the fate of the world… It isn’t in the sense that the people you call companions one minute, can be battled and defeated the next. It is grindy, ut is hard, but it is a Jrpg and it's fun. Although developed and released in Japan, the original title of Elnard is in romaji (Roman alphabet) on both the title screen and the box. It is strongly recommended to be at least at Level 42 before the end of Chapter 9. It can be hard even on an emulator. Elnard was developed and originally released in Japan, and later localized as The 7th Saga.It is a turn-based Role-Playing Game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in the vein of the Dragon Quest series. There are quite a few treasures in Melenam so … So, on its own, 7th Saga isn’t Elnard – the original was, at its core, if not plot-driven (haha, with its 10 minutes of actual story), at least more exploration focused than 7th Saga. It requires a good amount of grinding, even more than early RPVGs for the NES, like Final Fantasy 1 and Dragon Quest 1. You'll find the Wind Rune in a chest on the far east side of the first level. Anyone beaten the 7th saga? Found in a chest on the fifth floor of the Tower of Grime and in a chest on the second level of the Cave East of Telaine. I wanna play this game, I’ve heard it’s pretty hard, just wanted some tips from those who’ve beaten, anything to avoid frustration, I don’t mind minor spoilers. 7th Saga Guide and FAQ A FAQ by Sir Aronar (aka Brandon Binkley) e-mail: (sir_aronar@msn.com) TABLE OF CONTENTS ----- I) version II) disclaimer/legal stuff III) about 7th Saga IV) frequently asked questions V) characters VI) lists VII) basic strategies VIII) about the guide IX) guide X) credits ----- I) VERSION 1.1 - Added a little to the FAQ, fixed a few stupid errors, and some other minor stuff. Wind Ball: 80: Move instantly to any town already visited. It is not widely known, however, that 7th Saga is the localized version of Elnard, the Japanese incarnation of this game which is much, much easier by comparison. Use this rune in the field to move instantly to any town you have previously visited. Levels for 7th Saga. But for a character with more than one Class, Class Level and character level are different. The 7th Saga is known for its difficulty. Leveling up . With the difficulty patch it becomes clear that exploration while leveling is not suicidal – far from it, it’s actually fairly easy to do! A 4th-level Scout/3rd-level Scoundrel has a Character Level of 7th, with a Scout Class Level of 4th and a scoundrel Class Level of 3rd. Discussion. Ever wondered if it was possible to reach level 81 in this game ? (A 7th-level Jedi has a Character Level of 7th and a Class Level of 7th.) Others had Final Fantasy, we had the 7th saga. Sold in Pell, Bone, Dowaine, Belaine, Telaine, Pandam, Brush, Polasu, Valenca, Bugask, and Guanta. The 7th Saga is a 1993 SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainement System) RPG (Role Playing Game). Level: Exp: Level: Exp: Level: Exp: Level: Exp: 1-21: 53549: 41: 326615: 61: 682991: 2: 140: 22: 62031: 42: 343143 We still play it to this day 20 something years later. On the second level, Brantu will open the door to Melenam so you may pass. Brought my older brother and I together because of this game. It is not a role-playing video game for beginners.
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